With one voice, The Univocal Commission collaboratively combats racism and assists in community transformation by identifying and advancing a legislative agenda and public policy directed at promoting equality, expanding opportunities, and pursuing restorative justice for communities of color in Rhode Island.



  • The Univocal Legislative Minority Advisory Commission was founded and chaired by Ramon Martinez, Lt. Col, USAF (Retired), in November 2006.
  • The Univocal Commission was the result of one of the five-point solutions by the Rhode Island General Assembly following a racial profiling incident involved students from Central Falls High School.


  • To collaboratively formulate, present and support a consensus-driven agenda of legislative and public policy issues that impact all communities of color in Rhode Island.
  • To speak as "one voice" before the RI General Assembly, state agencies, and the community.
  • To conduct policy practice in changing policies in legislative, agency, and community settings, whether by establishing new policies, improving existing policies, or defeating other policy initiatives.
  • To conduct policy advocacy by helping to improve the allocation of resources and expanding opportunities for people experiencing discrimination and prejudice over an extended period and whose members' well-being reflects the structural barriers they have encountered.