Advocacy, with One Voice

       The Univocal Commission collaboratively formulates, presents and supports a consensus-driven agenda of legislative and public policy issues that impact all communities of color in Rhode Island.


The Rhode Island Community Safety Act

Photo: Bill Bateman

Photo: Bill Bateman

The Univocal Commission acts as chair to the RI Coalition to End Racial Profiling, an alliance of over 40 community organizations dedicated to ending the pervasive racial disparities in Rhode Island's policing.  The Rhode Island Community Safety Act addresses stops and searches of both motorists and pedestrians. It is an important tool for protecting the rights of people of color, immigrants, and youth.

“Fitting the Description,” a short documentary about racial profiling in Rhode Island, made by Youth In Action’s Next Generation Media Team.

The film features interviews with community members and leaders and commentary by young organizers.

Payday Lending Reform

Photo: AARP

Photo: AARP

       The Univocal Commission is a member of the Coalition for Payday Lending Reform, an alliance of over 80 organizations and individuals. A typical payday borrower pays hundreds of dollars in fees and borrows multiple times each year.  In RI, payday loans can carry charges as high as 260% APR.  Payday Lending Legislation aims to end the special exemption for payday lenders, to open the field to small loan lenders, state chartered banks and credit unions. The bill also supports a 36% interest rate cap for borrowers.

Rhode Island Equal Pay Act

The Univocal Commission is a part of the effort to pass Equal Pay legislation in Rhode Island.  This act would ensure equal pay protections for all employees in the state, with much-needed security for women and minorities.